BRAINTOWN Presents: L.A.B.

In December 2022 we hosted BRAINTOWN Presents: L.A.B, a mini festival dedicated to the intersection between SCIENCE, ART and TECHNOLOGY.

It was an amazing 3 days that incorporated: Circus, live music, Interactive installations, lectures, films screenings, visual art, food art, light art, and about anything else you can imagine. We were lucky to havean amazing group of scientists, artists and cosmic explorers who helped to make it happen.

Exhibiting artwork from: Svalbard company (SE), Deadbeat Films (UK), Imaginart (es), CircusPerspektiv (SE), Kallo Collective (FI), Niklas Bloomberg (FI), Quim Giron (ES), Moon Ribas (ES), Vava Valeriia (RU), Carlos Ferrer Hernandez (ES), Matt Pasquet (UK), Simon Abel (UK) Julie Dod (UK), Chris White (UK), George Freeman (UK), Toubab Holmes (SE), Tom Brand (DE), Ben Smith (UK), Marie-Andree Robitaille (CA), peter Chippy grant (UK), Santiago Ruiz (ES), Ed Truman (UK), Dougal Caston (UK), Matt Chapman (UK)

Supported by:

The Programme

Day 1 – “L.A.B.” opened with the BRAINTOWN Gala, which Showcased the interactive science/art gallery supported by the live ambient music of “GAK” and later presented the science concert of “NIKI”.

Day 2 – “CIRCUS FUTURE” was a performance art day named which hosted the U.K. premieres of circus shows that explore different scientific themes.

DAY 3 – “L.A.B. TALKS”was a day of lectures, film screenings panel discussions with:
Melanie Thompson – Grotowski (LAB within art)
Josh Fein Brown – Pain, osteopathy and evolution.
Chris White – The evolution of Birds
Moon Ribas – Cyborg society
Boris Thompson – Short film screening


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