Tom Brand


A womb, a church, a belly. The organic remains of something ancient resembling an upside down Arc. VAL is a multipurpose performance & light sculpture, a blend of wooden bones and LED lights suggesting the merge of the digital and physical realms and an omen of what humanity is moving towards. What is a digital fossil? How do we find the rhythm in the algorithm? VAL is a choice and a place to gather. Witness the change of its appearance from day to night, immerse yourself in its womb and experience professional artists interacting with it. With this immersive installation we aim to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations and create space for improvisation and new encounters while meeting an audience. Transparency, presence and adaptation of knowledge into a new context is key. Artists curated by Tom Brand will explore and improvise in and around the installation.
Expect experimentation!




Author: Tom Brand Producer: Tom Brand Construction: Tobias Kiefer in collaboration with Tom Brand Performers: tbc. (no set cast) 3D render: Delphine Jaubert (@phi.elphi) Produced by: Svalbard Company Supported by: Kulturrådet, Riksteatern, Punkshangaren, Cirkus Syd

Are you interested?

VAL is set to start touring this summer with some initial experimental performances and installations. Following this phase, VAL will be looking for residencies to explore the performance possibilities and develop music and specific performance pieces with the installation. If you are interested in helping VAL in its development, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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