Benjamin Smith


BRAINTOWN is Svalbard’s large-scale, long-term immersive experience (in creation).

BRAINTOWN analogizes the brain, through the metaphor of a city, and within this city, there are 4 main areas or venues: the church, the LAB, the Watchtower, and the courthouse. Each of these venues represents different pillars of society and is expressed through different mediums of performative arts. Written by our very own Ben Smith and produced by the company, this ambitious project aims to take over a whole building for a month and transform it into the world of BRAINTOWN.

We have been building this world for the last 5 years and are currently in the process of enacting a series of residencies that explore the concepts and artworks of each venue.

We believe things of this vision and scale need time to develop naturally, so this project aims to premiere in 2029.


Writer: Benjamin Smith Producers: Benjamin Smith, Ida Kristine Bravo Collaborators: Deadbeat Films (UK), Imaginart (es), CircusPerspektiv (SE), Kallo Collective (FI), Certain Blacks(UK), Dynamo Workspace(DK), The palace(UK/DE), Niklas Bloomberg (FI), Quim Giron (ES), Moon Ribas (ES), Vava Valeriia (RU), Carlos Ferrer Hernandez (ES), Matt Pasquet (UK), Simon Abel (UK) Julie Dod (UK), Chris White (UK), George Freeman (UK), Toubab Holmes (SE), Tom Brand (DE), Ben Smith (UK), Marie-Andree Robitaille (CA), peter Chippy grant (UK), Santiago Ruiz (ES), Ed Truman (UK), Dougal Caston (UK), Matt Chapman (UK), Alexis Akrovatakis (GR), Andrina Steinbrenner (DE) Supported by: kulturradet, Stockholm city, Join the docks, Certain Blacks

Are you interested?

BRAINTOWN is looking for venues, festivals, and collaborators who might be interested in supporting this work. We will be looking for a host to bring the next residency, which will be a two-week-long experiment that explores the courthouse. The premise of these residencies is to bring a group of artists together to explore and generate content for BRAINTOWN. Normally, at the end of these residencies, we hold public presentations of the work. Last December, with the LAB (see teaser above), we held a three-day mini festival that was open to the public and included circus shows, music concerts, lectures, a gallery, film screenings, as well as conceptual food and drink, and brought together over 30 artists.

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