All Genius All Idiot

‘All Genius All Idiot’ is the flagship production of Svalbard Co. AGAI is world renowned for its raw and expressive portrayal of the human condition, and played over 150 times in 28 countries, 4 continents.


“This unpredictable circus show, devised by the Svalbard Company, revels in its own messy and wayward riskiness. An all-male cast of four tease and toy with our responses to their actions in ways that feel
daring and dangerous. It’s fun but also at times more than a tad mad and unsettling.
The performance I attended started on the venue’s doorstep, with Alexis Akrovatakis — the quartet’s loosest cannon — grabbing a woman in a quick embrace while clutching a mannequin leg.
The swarthy, burly Santiago Ruiz Albalate was crouching above a low, lurid red light as I made my way into the auditorium at the Assembly Roxy, where Benjamin Smith was howling out the blues
atop a pole while clad in a fur coat”

Donald Hutera “The Times” ****

Evan Beswick travels to Berlin and enters the weird
and ungainly universe of the Svalbard circus troupe.

“Berlin, die Festspiele, late spring. There’s something distinctly un-German, and most definitely un-springlike going on inside. An Englishman wearing antlers, high heels, and a very small quantity of lace, soars
powerfully into his falsetto range. A Swede in what appears to be the lion’s share of a sheep’s fleece leaps off and on to his colleagues. A Spaniard mounts a Chinese pole and produces confetti from his crotch.
There’s a German, too. He’s in a backwards suit with an odd mask, his movements creepy, uncanny. It could easily be the setup to a bizarre joke. It could easily be a mess, if it weren’t so, well, so rockstar.”

Evan Beswick “


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